Stique ML125 Multi Lever (With Chain Breaker)

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The ML125 in Metal Replacement Plastic with 2x £1 coin holders. This is the updated version of the ML123, with ML3 (thermometer & clip) replaced by ML5 (chain-breaker). Made of metal replacement plastic, and with the new, thinner, slimmer lever tip to allow even the smallest gap between rim & bead on a thin road tyre to be entered, these levers will make light of any tyre change work you need to take on.

Tools but included are top quality Wiha-sourced standard ¼" hex tool bits (equivalents obtainable anywhere):
4mm Allen key
5mm Allen key
Torx T25
Philips #2 screwdriver

The other features are:

ML1 - the lowest of the three levers contains:

spoke hook (to hook around flat & round spokes)
split chain-link holder (to be used when chain has broken)
cap holder (somewhere to put the tool bit cap on ML2, when using ML2)
coin holder (holds 1x £1 coin, for the parking meter at the trail park, that emergency sugar or caffeine dose; or even a public phone booth call - remember them?)
tyre lever

ML2 - the middle lever contains:

die cast tool-bit holder with magnet to hold tool bits (1 of 4 tool bits included with purchase is placed here, with a protective cap)
spoke adjuster (to true your wheels after a nasty pot-hole or drop)
another coin holder (1x £1)
padded CR-type battery holder (or keep a pill in here for that sudden ache or pain)
tyre lever

ML5 - the new top lever contains:

investment cast stainless steel chain breaker with hardened steel pin and chain spacer
tool bit holder in rubberised material
3 tool bits
bottle opener

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