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8FREIGHT for business, leisure and family. The only bike you will ever need. (Test ride it now!)
Weighing little more than a standard bicycle, the 8Freight will carry all kinds of goods, garden equipment, children, animals and general rubbish. Ideal for business, laisure and family, it may become the most useful tool you own!

You can finally live in the modern world without a motor car permanently parked in your drive way. Hire a car when you really need it.

The 8Freight can carry almost anything you would in a car and lots of things you would not! And should you be popping down to the shop, the bikes low weight and relaxed handling make it a nice ride, so nice you probably won't even notice how much exercise you are getting. Once you've discovered how practical and fun the 8Freight is, you wont need to go to the gym again.

With the load carried behind the rider for stability, it has the ability to carry a small van or car load at speed, price and efficiency of a bicycle.

There are no accidents in the 8Freight design, everything appears as it is for a reason. We know that not everybody is interested in technical details, so here’s what those details mean for you.

Flexible Cargo Area

The 8 Freight Bike's cargo area is low and behind the rider- so long (and bushy) items like trees or boxes can be carried without obscuring the rider. The cargo area is integral to the frame - giving a secure area measuring 70 x 54x 25 cm.

Powermatic Deluxe Kick-Stand
Another unique feature of the 8 Freight Cargo Bike is the cable released gas strut to release the stand. Operated with its own handlebar control, the Stand pops into action enabling you to steady any heavy loads.

Easy Ride - even when loaded
The 8 Freight Cargo Bike is a pleasure to ride - with or without heavy loads. The relaxed, comfortable ride is the result of decades of experimentation by Mike Burrows to find the perfect head angle (80 degrees) meaning it is an easy bike to adapt to.

20 inch wheels
Small wheels are stronger than big wheels. They also take less energy to start rolling, meaning that the 8Freight pulls away comfortably even under heavy loads and they are monoblade mounted to ease puncture repairs.

7000-Series Aluminium
The strongest commercially-available aluminium alloy, so that your 20 kilogram bike can regularly shift 50 kilograms of weight, with a maximum capacity of 100 kilograms.

Narrow Width
Width is only 60cm so that you can cut through traffic as if you were on a standard bicycle.

Many choices of different boxes and carriers (please inquire)



Frame powder coating

Cargo box branded wrap

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: In-store
  • Brand: 8Freight
  • Category: Cargo Bikes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: One Size
  • Colour: Black
  • ID: 4974
  • Flexible Cargo Area
  • Powermatic Deluxe Kick-Stand
  • Easy Ride - even when loaded
  • 20 inch wheels
  • 7000-Series Aluminium
  • Narrow Width


Weight is only 23kg.
Frame and Fork 7000 series aluminium and single stay design for custom hubs.
Load capacity, primary luggage platform 680x530 mm, rear rack, Klik Fix bracket for front basket and max load of 100kg + rider.
wheels are 50-406 Schwalbe Big Apple on aluminium rims, 36x2 spokes and custom hubs.
Transmission, flat pedals, 42T Sturmey archer chainset, 12-28T 8 speed cassette with Shimano altus rear mech, 8sp twist grip shifter, 38-90in
Brakes are Sturmey Archer 90mm drums
Steering and seating, backswept handlebar, w 20mm stem height adjustment, velo saddle.
Canvas lined carries standard

Store Info

We at dlb cycles love bikes and we love Dublin. We believe in bicycles so much we decided to start our own brand back in 2014 (dlb) we produced single speeds, classic stylish lady bikes and heavy duty utility electric cargo bikes. All designed and assembled here in Dublin, Ireland, using parts from all over the world creating the most reliable bikes for your €€€.

These days (2016) we moved away from production and b2b model to end-consumer sales both online and in our shiny brand new boutique bicycle store. Here you can find anything to your liking.

We are direct Cycle 2 Work scheme providers as well as cyclescheme.ie and biketowork.ie or others, you can get as much as 52% OFF on your new bike, ev bike, cargo bike and accessories! Talk to us today about your requirements!

We provide and fit modern electric drive kits from likes of Pendix, FlyKly, Panda Drive etc.

We also source and sell Custom Made Cargo Bikes like 8freight, Douze, Riese & Muller for Cycle Logistics to Businesses as well fully custom branded bikes for corporate, advertising etc need. Contact us for more information on this topic at info@dlbcycles.ie