EG Riders Handmade Mens Bicycle 2016

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Eg riders Hand Made Male Bicycle with accessories for The Gentleman Rider.
Meticulously crafted, hand made, one of a kind, completely unique, bicycle brought back to life by team of expert craftsmen from Europe.
Using the finest new drivetrains from Sturmey Archer, paint and detail work and the best old school frame from 1970s you can find only in continental Europe.
Available to order are real Leather and Wood accessories, pannier, wine straps, grips made specially for this bicycle all by hand by craftsmen Ewzenko.
This is one unit only Premium Collection Bicycle.

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: In-store
  • Brand: EG Riders
  • Category: Vintage Bikes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: XL
  • Colour: Green
  • ID: 2651
  • Racks: Rear Rack
  • Gearing: Singlespeed


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Store Info

We at dlb cycles love bikes and we love Dublin. We believe in bicycles so much we decided to start our own brand back in 2014 (dlb) we produced single speeds, classic stylish lady bikes and heavy duty utility electric cargo bikes. All designed and assembled here in Dublin, Ireland, using parts from all over the world creating the most reliable bikes for your €€€.

These days (2016) we moved away from production and b2b model to end-consumer sales both online and in our shiny brand new boutique bicycle store. Here you can find anything to your liking.

We are direct Cycle 2 Work scheme providers as well as and or others, you can get as much as 52% OFF on your new bike, ev bike, cargo bike and accessories! Talk to us today about your requirements!

We provide and fit modern electric drive kits from likes of Pendix, FlyKly, Panda Drive etc.

We also source and sell Custom Made Cargo Bikes like 8freight, Douze, Riese & Muller for Cycle Logistics to Businesses as well fully custom branded bikes for corporate, advertising etc need. Contact us for more information on this topic at